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5,000+ hours as tv presenter on Rai and Mediaset.

Sonia Grey, the stage name of Sonia Colone, is a versatile Italian personality with experiences as a television presenter, actress, showgirl, entrepreneur, artist, and writer. She began her media career in the late 1980s and rose to prominence in the 1990s by participating in well-known TV programs and film productions. In addition to hosting major TV shows on leading Italian networks such as Rai and Mediaset (including "Domenica in" and "Unomattina"), Sonia Grey has also distinguished herself as an author, focusing on themes related to well-being and lifestyle, and as a writer, demonstrated by her latest book "Eros & Seduzione." She has also showcased her talent as a painter, exhibiting her works in international art shows, and as a social media presence with over 1 million followers. Her career reflects a versatility that spans from entertainment to culture, establishing her as a prominent figure in both the Italian and international scenes.

Top 0% global Creator

Sonia Grey, after years of success and fame in the world of television, art, and entrepreneurship, has decided to explore new horizons by creating private profiles reserved for exclusive content. This space allows her to share more intimate and daring aspects of her personality, solidifying her status as a successful content creator on a global scale. Her initiative has consistently ranked in the top 0% globally among creators, offering her followers a unique experience closer to her personal universe and more daring.


SONIIA, a digital revolution

Sonia Grey has introduced a pioneering innovation in the world of digital entertainment with the creation of SONIIA, a high-fidelity and high-quality digital version that represents a true revolution for her fans. This virtual Alter Ego allows for interaction and immersive experiences, taking audience engagement to a new level and strengthening the bond between Sonia and her fans in a way never seen before.

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Eros & Seduzione, the book

Sonia Grey, with her new book "Eros & Seduzione," explores the art of eroticism and seduction from both a scientific and personal perspective. Written for both men and women readers, the book aims to be a guide to rediscover pleasure, offering tools and reflections to enrich the emotional and sexual lives of readers. It's a work that promises to illuminate the paths of intimacy with wisdom and culture.


Works of Art

Through her art, Sonia Grey has brought to life a collection of paintings that deeply explore the theme of eroticism, reflecting her personal sensitivity and vision. These works, which transcend mere representation to touch intimate and universal chords, have received international recognition, finding space in prestigious exhibitions. These paintings are not just artistic expressions but windows into the depths of Sonia's self, inviting the viewer on a journey into the intimacy and beauty of eroticism.

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